Applicant can filled inquiry forms and request to registered the products on CBI website or contact CBI telephone number to process the registration by e-mail.  Company profile and product specification will be asked.


all electronic payment systems for microchip-based ATM, EDC, MPOS and Debit cards.


provided by CBI is mainly to support the implementation of the industry standard of chip-card specification for ATM and Debit cards as outlined in the SE BI 13/22/DASP. The certification process is intended to assure that cards, terminals and independent personalization centers comply with the requirements of the industry standard. The certification does not endorse, certify or approve the vendor supplying these cards, terminals and personalization centers. In addition, risk associated with such products and/or services must be assessed and contained.


Bank Indonesia has set National Standard Indonesian Chip Card Specification (NSICCS) as the country’s technology benchmark for ATMs and debit cards of all card providers across the country. The regulation was officially implemented during a meeting attended by Bank Indonesia deputy governor Sugeng, bankers and the Indonesia Payment Systems Association (ASPI).  The central bank also appointed ASPI to oversee the implementation of the NSICCS and to develop it through observation of several aspects, such as security and technology development.  “The implementation of a standard was aimed at increasing the security of transactions and encouraging the creation of an interoperability instrument, which was in line with the National Payment Gateway program.  Bank Indonesia through its letter, No.17/52/DKSP on the requirement of a six digit PIN number for all debit and ATM cards utilizing magnetic stripe technology, tried to improve on the security aspects of transactions.The NCICCS technology will not only be implemented in the ATM and debit cards, but also in the system, which processes transactions within the cards. The full implementation is expected to finish at the end of 2021.The implementation of the NCICCS is part of an ongoing effort to mitigate fraud and align ATM and debit card standards in Indonesia with the best practices on the international level.


Card and terminal type approval process duration are different from each applicants.  The longest duration would be on product development and products testing, it may took 2 months.


All applicants would get LoA after the certification process is done. CBI will issued LoA and publish on CBI website


applicant can request for renewal after three (3) years from LoA issuance.  Renewal testing is needed and valid EMVCo is not mandatory